Florida UPMA Fiscal Policy
Approved February 4, 2019
  1. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to those responsibility for authorizing and accounting or UPMA expenditures and property, and to provide for the routine review of such expenditures and procedures. The Florida UPMA Fiscal Year shall mirror the UPMA National Fiscal Year running from November 1st until October 31st. This Fiscal Policy shall only be ammended by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board.

  2. The Financial Audit Committee shall perform an audit once a year, prior to the annual State Convention. The audit shall consist of an examination of all expenditures and supporting documentation of the expense vouchers and property, and shall be presented at the state convention meeting.

  3. The Budget Committee shall prepare an annual budget to present to the Executive Board for approval at the first Executive meeting of the Fiscal Year.

  4. An expense voucher must be submitted for all travel and expense reimbursements. Map Quest to show mileage and receipts to show expenditures must be attached. The expense voucher approved by the Executive Board will be the only acceptable voucher and will be posted on the Florida UMPA website.

  5. Vouchers must be submitted within sixty (60) days of the expenditure. The Executive Vice President and the Treasurer must approve all expense vouchers. The Executive Board must review and approve all vouchers exceeding the sixty (60) day deadline prior to payment. Vouchers over one (1) year old will NOT be paid. (Click Here for Voucher Excel Doc) - (Click Here for Web Page Voucher Print Page)

  6. Reimbursements to attend the following events will be paid for member hotel/lodging for number of nights listed by event and expenses up to the amount listed by the event. Expenses included travel, parking, shuttle, regjistration, per diem, tips and any other expenses paid by member other than hotel/lodging. Members are encouraged to pay their registration fees as early as possible and to save money where possible for all events including purchasing airline tickets at least 21 days in advance. Airline reservations booked less than 21 days in advance need approval of the President. If driving over 350 miles, one way, you must do a cost analysis comparing mileage expenses and airfare expenses and member will be reimbursed for lower of the two. All expenses must be supported by receipts.

    • Legislative: Up to six (6) members, approved by the Executive Board, for up to three (3) nights hotel stay and up to $600 for all other expenses.

    • State Convention: All Executive Board members and Convention Chair (18), up to three (3) nights hotel stay, registration and mileage. A fourth night stay would need approval from the President.

    • National Convention: All Executive Board members (14), up to six (6) night hotel stay and up to $1000 for all other expenses.

    • Southern Officers Conference (or other named officers training conference): All Executive Board members and other committee chairs approved by the President (18) up to three (3) nights hotel stay, registration, and mileage/airfare. A fourth night hotel stay would need approval by the President.

    • Executive Board Meetings: Two (2) face to face meetings per year, on at the beginning of the Fiscal Year and one as part of the State Convention. All Executive Board members and other Committee Chairs approved by the President (18) up to one (1) night hotel stay and mileage. Chapter will provide lunch.

    • Career Awareness Conferences: One per district, up to two (2) nights hotel stay, registration and mileage shall be paid to a total of four (4) members of each district conference as appointed by the President. Members should meet the night before the conference starts for dinner, paid for by the Florida UPMA and claimed on one members coucher, to discuss agenda for the conference.

  7. All of the Executive Board members will be reimbursed for any miscellaneous supplies needed for performance of their official duties up to $500 annually.

  8. Each District Vice President will be required to hold at least one (1) 3-digit meeting per year and will be reimbursed up to $600 for expenses. The State President or their disignee will be paid mileage to attend the meeting as a speaker. The President can authorize an overnight stay for District Vice Presidents to hold meeting in their district.

  9. The Editor will be reimbursed up to $7,000 for expenditures necessary to provide six (6) newsletters per year.

  10. The Adverse Action Chair must approve all travel requests for the Adverse Action Committee in advance. They also have the authority to approve an over night stay due to scheduling or the expectation of exceeding and eight (8) hour day.

  11. The Chapter Treasurer shall send one half (50%) of the dues received from the UMPA National Headquarters for Postmasters Retired and Associate Members to the State UPMA Retired Treasurer monthly.

  12. The Treasurer shall secure a bond for $150,000.00 incident to the duties of the office. The Treasurer shall also be required to file Federal tax for the Chapter.The Chapter will pay both expenses.

  13. If a State Officer or committee member is also serving as a National Officer or committee member, the State will not make dual reimbursements for expenses.

  14. The President is the only officer authorized to enter into contracts. The Executive Board must approve contracts, except for the State Convention, in excess of $100.

  15. Contracts negotiated by the Convention Chair shall be submitted to the President for approval and signature. Signed copies will be provided to the Secretary and Treasurer.